About Me

Originally from Nepal I first came across felt when a relative gifted some lovely felt items to my daughters. I finally decided to start a small felt business when everyone kept asking where they could find similar nice products. So together with my Nepalese supplier I design, produce and distribute felt products and other Nepalese textiles as well as other handicrafts.

I work closely with all my suppliers to ensure that our selection of design & colour will be unique and that our quality is of the highest standard and pitched at an affordable price.  Due to the fact that I am home-grown I enjoy unique access to the supply chain and principally deal with friends and family only thereby ensuring myself of the transparency and honesty reflected in the quality of our products and in the trust invested in us by our customers.

Upon finishing my law degree in Nepal many years ago I joined a project supporting local under-privileged women. I learned that small cottage industries such as handicraft production are an income generator and nearly always a life-changer for these families. I often prioritize women empowerment projects as even in the 21st century women in South Asia need all the support we can muster. Nepal is quite aware of the child labour issue, more so than certain other South Asian countries. I often check the production and have the unique opportunity to chat with the workers and to get to the bottom of things.